Sayur: Rp 5.000,- / KG

Apel: Rp 15.000,- / KG

Sawi Hijau: Rp 7.000,- / KG

Sayur: Rp 10.000,- / KG


About Pt. Haraka Kitri Endah 

With a history dating back more than one century in the production of rubber, this plantation has been involved in the cultivation of exotic tropical fruits since 1992. It is the aim of the Company to encourage the development of horticultural products in Indonesia.

PT Haraka Kitri Endah is an integrated company in which the horticultural plantation and forestry incorporate a tissue culture laboratory, nursery, green house, cultivation area, catfish breeding and poultry farming for good environment and producing organic products in long term scheme.

Location : Desa Jatidukuh, Kecamatan Gondang, Kabupaten Mojokerto -Indonesia

The nearest international airport          : Juanda, Sidoarjo about 60 km
The nearest international seaport         : Tanjung Perak, Surabaya

Haraka Visi & Mision


To create Agribusiness products through an integrated process of plant seeds, plantation, forestry which are supported by catfish and poultry farming as well as planting various fruits and vegetables through application of organic procedures to produce healthy, safe and high quality food products.


  • To produce high quality fruits and vegetables that are beneficial and safe for health, through a strict application of organic procedures and safety food standards.

  • To produce horticultural crop seeds with superior quality as one of the success factors of cultivation.

  • To produce teak wood and other hard wood crops as well as taking part in preserving the plantation and its surroundings as a sustainable environment.

  • To produce chicken and catfish to fulfill huge market demand of safe and healthy food products.

  • To implement global standards for safe, healthy and high quality of products and take part in preserving a sustainable environment.


Haraka is to implement
ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System
and continue to improve Customer Satisfaction.